Real Wine Fair Videos: Thierry Puzelat

One of the natural wine world’s most beloved figures, Thierry Puzelat has been making wine¬†au naturel¬†in the Cheverny and Touraine appellations of the Loire Valley for over two decades, although records of his winemaking family date back to the 15th century. Under the Clos du Tue-Boeuf label, Thierry, along with his brother Jean-Marie, champions some¬†the Loire’s lesser known – and nearly extinct –¬†grape varieties, many of which grow in the Puzelats’ own organically farmed vineyards. The brothers’ wide range of¬†cuve√©s are distinctly different – each honest expressions of their unique terroir – but are not without the Puzelat stamp: vibrant, crunchy, utterly gulpable wines. ¬†Thierry’s recent inspiration has come from the ancient winemaking culture of Georgia and he now makes a blanc (from Menu Pineau) and a rouge (from Pinot Noir and Gamay) out of¬†traditional Georgian qvevri.

Watch Thierry at the 2016 Real Wine Fair chatting about both his wines and his impressions of the UK wine market:

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