Provence is without doubt a spectacularly beautiful region of France speckled with myriad vineyards. Yet, as regional French specialists, we have always struggled to discover captivating terroir-driven wines outside the remarkablea cru enclave of Bandol. Rosé, of course, is a Provençale speciality, but the whites have tended to be flabby and lacking in energy, whilst […]


-by Christina Pickard Note: a version of this piece originally appeared on Food & Wine. “Most of my stories start with this notion, ‘I never imagined…,’ or ‘Twenty years ago, I  never would have guessed’,” writes Deirdre Heekin in her book An Unlikely Vineyard. The Education of a Farmer and Her Quest for Terroir. Former modern dancer […]


Real Wine Fair Videos: Thierry Puzelat

August 16, 2016

One of the natural wine world’s most beloved figures, Thierry Puzelat has been making wine au naturel in the Cheverny and Touraine appellations of the Loire Valley for over two decades, although records of his winemaking family date back to the 15th century. Under the Clos du Tue-Boeuf label, Thierry, along with his brother Jean-Marie, champions some the […]

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For the Love of Wine

August 12, 2016

I proffer this as a thought – wine possesses its greatest value when it is made with love and for love, when it is made with all humility, when it is drunk with all humility, when it is shared (obviously) and when it yields a therapeutic, socially liberating effect. That when it is sensuously provocative […]

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Chatting with: Franz Strohmeier

August 9, 2016

Franz Strohmeier makes wine in what is considered the most difficult, yet also the most historic, region of Austria: West Styria. A true steward of the land, Strohmeier’s relentless TLC in his vineyards results in wines that seem ethereal. Here’s what our Sir Wregg had to say about them: ‘The wines will not flatter our preconceptions – […]

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Doug Decants: Bernabe is back, New Radelaide Wines, and a Comment on Competitions

August 4, 2016

Decanting Cava Acequion, Rafa Bernabe The best things come to he who waits. And waits. And this pet nat kept us, and Rafa Bernabe, waiting. Unlike jam tomorrow, it eventually arrived. The wine is espumoso elaborado por método ancestral as we say in English. So, we are back to our favourite Moscatel (you say Zibibbo, […]

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The Pyrenees Go to Austria: The Final Day – Michael Andert & Judith Beck

August 1, 2016

 Breakfast in the vines with Michael Andert Michael Andert was born into a large family and grew up on a farm with mixed agriculture, livestock and viticulture. He learned to respect his family, his animals and the associated work. Today, as winemaker, this respect has deepened even more: “We think we found the right way […]

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Real Wine Fair videos: Anna Martens

July 27, 2016

Vino di Anna is a small, two hectare property run and managed by Australian winemaker Anna Martens along with Les Caves de Pyrene’s Grand Fromage, Eric Narioo, on the north face of Mt Etna, Sicily. Anna and Eric purchased and subsequently restored an old winery and Palmento in 2010. Their hand-picked grapes are farmed organically and […]

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2016… far! Look back in languor.

July 22, 2016

As we get summery in dear old Blighty here is a summary of 2016 so far… Gimme skin (contact)  Oranges may not be the only fruit (grapes are!), nor the only colour, but you would be forgiven for thinking that 50 Shades of Grey had been supplanted by 50 shades of vin gris in terms […]

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The Pyrenees Go to Austria: Day 4 – Andreas Tscheppe

July 18, 2016

Dragonflies, Stag Beetles, Salamanders and Butterflies Andreas Tscheppe is part of the Styrian quintet of vignerons called Schmeck das Leben (Taste of Life). He has small vineyard parcels in a few locations and a corner of a cellar in his brother, Ewald’s house, where he makes his wine. He only makes white wines from Sauvignon, […]

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