Award winning writer, natural wine expert and Decanter contributor Simon J Woolf today announced the launch of his first book Amber Revolution. Subtitled “How the world learned to love orange wine”, Woolf describes the book as “The rags to riches story of the world’s oldest and most unique wine style, as gripping as a good […]


Doug decants: Forlorn Hope

by blog on September 18, 2017

2015 Gemischter Satz by Forlorn Hope We love a crazily fearless blend and this wine is the mashiest of Austro-Germanic mash-ups. Matthew Rorick writes of his Forlorn Hope project: ‘The Forlorn Hope wines were born to connect the thread between California’s boundless viticultural potential and its diverse viticultural history. In addition to the vines my […]


We’ve got a not-so-little-list

September 18, 2017

“The list is the origin of culture. It’s part of the history of art and literature. What does culture want? To make infinity comprehensible. It also wants to create order.” Umberto Eco As some day it may happen that a vigneron must be found, I’ve got a little list — I’ve got a little list […]

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Les Caves’s Autumn Trade Tasting!

September 15, 2017

Tuesday 3rd October, 10am-6pm at The Hellenic Centre Something new, something old, something fun to banish the wine blues Our autumn tasting is a timely dip into the wilds and werewolves of our current portfolio. New wines and recent arrivals abound – here’s an opportunity to probe the credentials of our latest visitors from Georgia, Italy, […]

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One score and ten years in the wine business

September 11, 2017

Grizzled vets don’t have to grizzle to be accorded that status. But they have to have seen a reasonable amount of wine of all colours and all qualities flow beneath the bridge. I would like to think the more I have progressively drunk the more I understand how I feel about wine, and that my […]

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Don’t Pass Over These Yaks

September 5, 2017

Domaine d’Aurensan and Chateau de Leberon: Vintage Armagnacs  Domaine d’Aurensan The Aurensan vineyard – a family venture run by father Bernard and his two daughters, Sophie and Caroline, spreads over five hectares of land in the Tenareze region of Armagnac and comprises Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard planted on chalky-clay soils. The Tenareze Armagnacs […]

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Doug Decants: Casa Belfi, Raboso Colfondo

September 4, 2017

The birthplace of Casa Belfi natural wines is San Polo di Piave, Veneto, where the river meets the sea. The philosophy behind the project is the respect of natural processes and traditions like ageing in amphorae, and bottling according to Maria Thun Calendar. The winery is biodynamic certified. Raboso is a red grape variety cultivated […]

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Humour in wine

August 31, 2017

“Wine can of their wits the wise beguile, Make the sage frolic, and the serious smile” ~ Homer (the poet, not the Simpson). Wine has inspired beautiful poems, tracts of fine prose – whole books even. Considering that it is a catalyst for so creativity it seems odd that much of the humour of the […]

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Beyond The Wine List

August 24, 2017

Mais naturellement, Les Caves de Pyrene are winier than winey, with around 1,700 “references” (as the wine trade is wont to call them) from around 500 vignerons hailing from 18 countries. Around 70% of our producers farm organically or biodynamically, and the majority make wines fairly or very naturally, using native yeasts, ambient ferments and […]

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Jazzing Up Restaurant Wine Lists

August 22, 2017

“The butler returned with a huge album bound in crocodile leather. You are looking at the binding, I notice, said the host. It is the skin of a crocodile I shot myself in the Nile”. –Jazz and Jasper by William Gerhardie, 1927 For some they are stuck-up stickybeat digests or riddles wrapped in mysteries inside […]

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