A revolutionary wine survey about wine surveys has once again exposed the vast chasm in our knowledge about the drinking habits of Joe and Joanna public and thereby pointed out the irrefutable need for more wine surveys. Incontrovertible research demonstrates that people living below the poverty line tended to spend less on a bottle of […]


Portland A little local colour never comes amiss, so I will describe it as blandly and monochromatically as possible. Portland lies in the Marine west coast climate region, marked by warm, dry summers and rainy but temperate winters. The Cascade Range dominates the horizon. The ubiquitous conical Mount Hood, another Fuji clone, and the still […]


Oregon: Part two – the heart and soul of biodynamics

June 14, 2015

Moe Momtazi and the heart and soul of biodynamics People must learn once more to “think” the spiritual “together with” the course of nature. It is not admissible today for a person merely to indulge in esoteric speculations; it is necessary today to be able once again to do the esoteric. But people will be […]

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Oregon: Part One

June 6, 2015
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Kelley Fox and her beautiful wines. One of the greatest lessons I have learned about real wine is that you can’t push it around. Raiding the alms-basket of words and flinging sundry fancy definitions, reducing it to a pat formula, dilutes the mystery and serves to cheapen the process. Wine, as one grower observed, takes […]

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AA Guimaro: El loco viticultura

May 29, 2015
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You don’t have to be crazy to work here – but it helps In Ribeira Sacra, the Guimaro family own 9 hectares, and control another 14 hectares leased from various subsistence growers, across a range of slate soils speckled with sand and granite. Over the last few years there has been a reduction in yield, […]

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Jean-Pierre Robinot: the wild man of L’Angevin

May 27, 2015
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A guest post by Fiona Beckett Fiona is an award-winning food and drink journalist and author – or co-author – of 23 books. She writes a weekly wine column for The Guardian and also has her own website, Matching Food and Wine, as well as several blogs including Wine Made Naturally, where this post first appeared. […]

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Construct your own Frankenwine

May 20, 2015
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Nature may be a pretty lass, but she is also pretty scruffy. Here are some delightful beauty tips brought to you by the those caring folks at the Laboratory of Garnishing, to give her rough and unready wines a more pleasing mien. CONSTRUCT YOUR OWN FRANKEN-WINE: (with songs to sing along to…) Seed my Frankenwine […]

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AniVile: A new marketing arm for Vin de France

May 15, 2015
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A guest post by Alice Feiring. Check out her blog and subscribe to her newsletter, The Feiring Line! Note: we recommend having a read of this article first, to put this post into context. I’ve tried to write this post since October and just can’t nail the voice, so I’m forgetting about the voice and […]

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Of Place And Time – The Future of Australian Wine

May 12, 2015
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A guest post by thewineidealist: In evolutionary biology, punctuated equilibrium theory states, ‘that most species once formed will exhibit little net evolutionary change for most of their geological history, remaining in an extended state of stasis.’ However, when a significant evolutionary change does occur, the theory proposes that it is generally restricted to a rare, but rapid event (on a geological […]

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Burgenland – Creating a New History: Part Two

May 8, 2015
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Weingut Claus Preisinger is housed in a modern, airy wood-beamed winery with windows facing out towards the Neusiedlerseee. You can tell the cut of a jib by the company of the wine bottles he keeps. Recently drained specimens of Matassa, Testalonga, Thierry Puzelat, Jean-François Ganevat & Etienne Thibaud on the sideboard testify to a happy […]

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