First En Primeur Pet Nat to be Released

Les Caves de Pyrene are delighted to announce an en primeur offer for the 2023 vintage of Lost in a Field “Frolic” pét-nat – not just a first for pét-nat, but a first for English wine in general.

Frolic is made from a blend of no fewer than 14 co-fermented grape varieties sourced from five heritage English vineyards.

Described by one French sommelier present as un vrai pet nat,  the wine is the result of a single fermentation, its pearly bubbles naturally generated after the wine is bottled with latent residual sugar.

Due to the rapidly increasing popularity of English pét-nat and having garnered a hard-core following in the trade known as “les vestes roses”, it was almost inevitable that this wine would follow in the footsteps of famous estates which offer buyers the opportunity to secure wines before they are bottled.

As with the annual Bordeaux primeur campaigns, a select group of sommeliers and press were invited to taste from tank following harvest to assess the quality of the young wine.

Lost in a Field Folic Pet Nat

Respected fine wine author, Porter Barker, remarked of the tank sample: “I would currently score this in the mid-90s, but when the fermentation completes, I think we’re talking at least a 98.” Another attendee of the tasting, Danish sommelier, Bjorn Aprilsnar, was similarly enthusiastic: “I feel now that pét nat is on the verge of reaching another level.”

Tim Wildman, creator of the world’s first En Primeur Pet Nat 


Tim Wildman MW, founder of Lost in a Field, was delighted by the response. “As someone who had dedicated their life to the art of pétillant naturel production, this en primeur offer, a true world first, is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream.”

The buzz around the maiden 2021 vintage of Lost in a Field “Frolic” pét-nat began with a feature article in the Weekend FT magazine and   Tim’s guest appearance on Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh.  The subsequent vintage won a competitive tasting of English and Welsh pét-nats held in East London, subsequently dubbed “The Judgement of Peckham.”

“When Les Caves de Pyrene suggested an en primeur release for the 2023 vintage I wept, not unlike Alexander the Great, for I felt there were no more worlds to conquer.”

The tank tasting in December proved to a great success amongst the méthode ancestrale cognoscenti and we can’t wait to share the world’s first pét-nat en primeur offer this Easter.”

Tim Wildman’s dog


In the pink – en primeur pét nat tasters poring over their notes.

The en primeur offer will be released on Easter Monday on a first come best dressed basis, with the wine being delivered to customers in June 2024.

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