Calicata, Gredos as Terroir

We are delighted to announce that we are selling the English translation of ‘Calicata, Gredos as Terroir’,  a collaboration between Comando G and other local growers as well as journalists, writers and terroir experts. A detailed consideration of the mountainous Gredos region west of Madrid – its history; terroir; specific single vineyards; growers; local characters and culture, this book is at the same time a love letter to a unique and historic wine area that has been truly reborn and whose wines are now capturing the hearts and minds of critics and consumers alike. Calicata is a story of the journey from rock to wine, a tale of abandoned vineyards that have been, and are being recovered, and of the people who farm them.



“An intimate and sincere insight into an emerging terroir, Calicata is both a reflection on the past of Gredos and an open-minded consideration of its future. The photography is fresh, even extempore, evoking the mood of the people and the land.” [Jason Millar ~ Director, Theatre of Wine)

The beautifully-presented 347-page hardback book features an introduction from Dani Landi as well as various essays, detailed maps and truly stunning and evocative photos.

Price: £60

N.B. this is the cost price of the book + packing & postage.

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