Decanting: Celler Credo V-d-re

V-d-re is a new wine from Celler Credo, another lucid expression of Xarel-lo from Sant Sadurní d’Anoia in the Alt Penedès, a passion project from Antoni Mata Casanovas, second generation of the Recaredo family.

Antoni has worked tirelessly in the management, creativity, representation and oenology of Recaredo. Under the concept “transparency guides the way” and after more than 60 years making wines, he has devised Vi-d-re, a varietal of fermented Xarel.lo, aged and capped only with glass, without coming into contact with any other material. Vi-d-re thus epitomises transparency and reflects the quality of the grapes used and the work done in the vineyard. It contains no added sulphites, only those naturally produced by yeasts during the fermentation process (<10 mg/l). Fermentation takes place in carboys of 32 litres, where the wine is then left for approximately five months before being bottled. Celler Credo’s wines ferment always with indigenous yeast isolated from the home vineyards.

The Celler Credo vineyards capture the essence of a Mediterranean climate and limestone soil. The vineyards are healthy – plant cover is left to grow spontaneously between the vines. This plays a crucial role by loosening the soil, regulating water retention and drainage (essential in the dry farming system they practise), and helping to foster biodiversity and maintain a balance in the vineyard ecosystem. Natural treatments based on medicinal plants (phytotherapy) are applied to the vines to control the presence of fungus and strengthen the vine’s defences in a natural way. The vineyard is certified organic and biodynamic Demeter and CCPAE.

Xarel.lo grapes are harvested by hand and the must is naturally and ambiently fermented in demijohns and aged for five months in the same vessels, before bottling without filtering, fining or added sulphur.

This is a delicate wine, youthful and full of energy. Ageing in glass (damejeanne) seems to confer extra purity and elegance. Delightful with cod with grilled vegetables or the traditional “figs & anchovies”, Vi-D-Re will also complement spicy dishes perfectly!

2020 Celler Credo V-D-Re


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