Did you know…

Our list… for nerd-do-wells:

les caves de pyrene

Did you know that…

*We list no fewer than 30 rosés including ones from Morocco, Lebanon, Australia as well as a further 10 pink champagnes or sparkling roses?

*We have done six different wines in Bag in the Box this year?

*We list 55 examples of Chenin (49 from the Loire)?

*We have half a dozen wines with over 10 grape varieties or more in the blend?

les caves de pyrene

*Over 190 estates on our new list are organic and/or biodynamic? And the vast majority of those are certified?

*Of the seven estates we deal with in New Zealand four are fully biodynamic and three are organic or in conversion to organic viticulture?

*135 growers on our list work with low (or zero) levels of sulphur in some or all of their wines?

les caves de pyrene

*The Loire is the most highly represented French region, followed by Languedoc-Roussillon and then surprisingly Burgundy?

*We have 97 estates in Italy?

*There are around 230 different grape varieties represented including such rarities as Mirefleurien, Prié Blanc, Caiño Blanco, Albarin, Rojal, Gascon, Gringet, Voudomato, Kisi, Seminano and Albanella?

*We list 27 examples of New World Pinot Noir?

*Carignan appears marginally or wholly in about 35 of our wines?

*That we sell wines from the 1970’s, 80s and 90’s from the Loire?

les caves de pyrene

*That we inadvertently seem to specialise in growers making wine from grapes grown at high altitude?

De Martino “Alto Los Toros”, Elqui ~ 2,000 metres

1364 Cerro Las Monjas, Barranco Oscuro ~ 1364 metres

Blanc de Morgex, Vini Estremi, Cave de Morgex ~ 1340 metres

Vinujancu Bianco, Salvo Foti, Etna – 1,200 metres

Château Musar Blanc, Beka’a Valley ~ 1,200 metres

*We have more examples of Grolleau than Pinot Bianco and more Savagnin than Pinot Grigio /Pinot Gris?

*That we venerate old vines?

Hatzidakis, Santorini ~ 500 year old Voudomato

Poiré Granit, Château de Hauteville ~ 300 + year old pear trees

“Provignage”, Henri Marionnet ~155 + year old Romorantin

AA Panevino ~ 155 + year old Cannonau

Cahors, Cuvée Centenaire, Clos de Gamot ~125 year old Malbec

Monte de Grazia Rosso ~ 120 year old + Tintore di Tramonti

Chardonnay « Les Chalasses Marnes », Domaine J-F Ganevat ~ 110 year old Chardonnay

Pierre Gerbais L’Originale – 110 year old Pinot Blanc Vrai

Saint-Joseph Cuvée Saint-Epine, Romaneaux-Destezet ~ 100 + year old Syrah

Lo Vielh, Clos du Gravillas – 100+ year old Carignan

Vin de Table « Les Nourrissons », Stéphane Bernaudeau ~ 100 + year old Chenin

Gamay d’ Auvergne “Pierres Noires” Domaine Maupertuis ~ 100 +year old Gamay

les caves de pyrene

*That the following growers work with horses?

Olivier Cousin

Benoit Courault

Claude Courtois

Sylvain Martinez

Olivier Pithon

Mas de Libian

Alexandre Bain

Isabelle Frère

Bodega Cecchin

De Martino

Philipponnat (on the Clos des Goisses vineyard)

*That we do like to be beside the seaside?

Bodegas Terras Gauda

Bodegas Ameztoi

Jane Ventura

Domaine St-Nicolas

Benjamin Zidarich

Bruno Duchene

Chateau de Pibarnon

les caves de pyrene

*That we love wine made in clay?

Domaine Belluard

Bernabe Navarro



Vino di Anna


Pheasant’s Tears

*That we love drinking wines that are light in alcohol?

Framingham Select Riesling – 8.5%

J’en veux!!!, Domaine J-F Ganevat – 9.5%

Txacoli de Guetaria, Bodega Ameztoi – 10.5%

Mauvais Temps, Nico Carmarans – 11%

Muscadet Amphibolite, Jo Landron – 11.5%

Dinavolino, AA Denvaolo – 11.5%

Soif du Mal Blanc, Domaine Les Foulards Rouges – 11.5%

*That yawning is contagious in human beings but not in other mammals?

*You are more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than by a poisonous spider.

les caves de pyrene

*Polar bears are left handed.

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  1. john bojanowski

    HEY, why don’t you open a wine bar in the south of France. St Chinian NEEDS one. Quick. I’m thursty. Drinking Melon de Bgne, but only have one bottle.

    BTW, if you count the 15 aramon plants in Grillons, you’ve got 7 wines with ten + grapes… (i don’t count them, but maybe in 13 we’ll throw in some viognier, just to be trendy)

  2. doug

    Hi John,

    You may not have any Melon left but you do have Muscat on the rocks- for thirst.

    So you are going outChateaneuf the Neufers on cepages. In Georgia I think they are making a wine with 80 different varieties in it – can anyone beat that?

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