What’s the deal with vegan wines?

June 25, 2019

Vegan wines. A storm in an egg cup? Generally speaking, very few of our wines are fined with gelatine, casein, albumen or isinglass. Either they are not fined at all, or are fined with bentonite clay. So far, so easy. If 80% of the wines in our portfolio (say) are vegan-friendly by this definition, why […]

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Doug decants: The Wines of Beckham Estate

June 24, 2019

Beckham Estate, Oregon USA In 2004, Andrew, a ceramics artist and High School ceramist teacher and his wife Annedria, purchased land on the Parrett Mountain in the Chehalem Mountains AVA near Sherwood, to build a studio for Andrew’s budding art career. They were inspired by their neighbours with 20-year-old vines to begin growing Pinot Noir. In […]

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Guest Post: Winemaking and What It Really Means

June 24, 2019

A Personal A to Z by Hannah Fuellenkemper A year ago I moved to France. I was vaguely hoping one day to make wine, when out of the blue turning-thirty got involved, and me anxious to get my brand-new boots on the ground and my head out of the clouds. So, I bought some books, packed […]

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New Arrivals from France!

June 19, 2019

Now is the summer of our replenishment. Looking out the window at the mizzle as I write this, I think summer may be an exaggeration, but the wine coffers will nevertheless be full-to-bursting with a mixture of new vintages and the odd newcomer. And by the time I finish this, the sun will be out. […]

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Another Rare Unicorn: U.V.A from Panevino

June 12, 2019

Pull up an armchair and warm your interest in wine at the crackling fire of extreme passion. This is the story of Gianfranco Manca, formerly a baker, who, having taken over his uncle’s bakery made delicious, prize-worthy Sardinian breads, decided to use his yeasty experience to naturally vinify some wines. And never, other than his […]

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Reflecting about Wine Writing

June 11, 2019

I would like to write in a way that provokes thought without provoking people, and I would like to read writers who have the passion and intellectual clarity (and curiosity) to do the same. I was reflecting on wine writing this week. Each week, in between drinking bottles of deathlessly beautiful wine, I try to […]

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Doug decants: The Wines of Alexandre Bain

June 10, 2019

Biodynamic and natural wines the result of meticulous work Alexandre Bain’s passion for working the land was inspired by his grandfather who was a farmer. At 18 he decided to go to winemaking school in Beaune. He then worked for several different vignerons until he was finally able to buy a few hectares of vines […]

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BYO Podcast full episodes from the Real Wine Fair 2019!

June 4, 2019

BYO Podcast recorded and filmed live at the Real Wine Fair this year! Watch the full line up of growers here and subscribe to the podcast! Christian Binner: Pierre Frick: Will Davenport: Craig Hawkins: Pat Sullivan: Judith Beck: Pedro Marques (Vale da Capucha):

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Bonjour English Wine Week!

May 29, 2019

Some of the most hummingly busy stands at the 2019 Real Wine Fair were the ones hosted by English growers and winemakers. English wine, good English wine, is making waves. Despite the hype in the press about traditional method sparklers, we’ve always been more interested in seeing how still wines perform, or to find wines […]

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The Not-At-All-Real Real Wine Fair Awards

May 28, 2019

A visitor, panic in their eyes, exclaimed to me: “So much wine, so little time!” I felt the same. Two days were not enough. But here are my highlights with a few spoof awards, all with the proviso that I didn’t get near most of the stands. Some were three bodies deep for a good […]

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