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  1. Monty Waldin

    Hi Doug, It’s Monty!

  2. Giulia Corradini


  3. Brent

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    1. blog

      Hi Brent, thanks for your interest – you’re all signed up, you just need to confirm subscription from the email in your inbox.

  4. Jégoudez Raymonde

    So sorry, Stefano Bellotti passed away. i need to watch Nossiter’s Redistance naturelle” again‚Ķ.

  5. Lachlan George

    I used to buy a lot of your wine while living in London. I miss them and want to read more about what is happening in the UK and the minimal intervention world.

  6. Chesley Lindquist

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  7. Sue Tolson

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  8. Stephanie Baden

    No words to express until I sample the wines. I have one bottle that I excitedly anticipate and that is the Tajinaste Tradicional.

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