Not the last word by any means on the natural wine kerfuffle

April 4, 2017

This article is inspired, if that’s the right word, by a proliferation of silly pieces about natural wines recently. Like the mythical London buses, these broadsides tend to come in threes. I suspect they are brought on by the full moon, but other theories include that they are in fact brilliant stone-faced parodies by natural […]

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Keeping it Real (Wine) with Co-Organiser Doug Wregg

March 31, 2017

We are proud to say that Doug Wregg, our sales and marketing director was named no. 28 in this year’s ‘Harpers’ Hot 100: Celebrating the most influential people in the on-trade’ for his influence on the natural wine movement.  Promoting low intervention, organic and biodynamic wines with his familiar loquacious style, wit and all-round agreeableness, […]

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Doug Decants: Limoux and Oregon (as you do), plus Natural Resistance and Farewell to Patricia!

March 28, 2017

New Wines -a-coming-around-the-corner Gilles Azam, Domaine Les Hautes-Terres – delicious Limoux Chardonnay and a Crémant made from Chenin, Mauzac and Chardonnay called Josephine. Organic wines from beautifully farmed organic vineyards. Minimus Rockwell – Tempranillo, Syrah, Blaufrankisch, Sauvignon, Viognier. Two words. Chad Stock. Love it! From the same crazy stable a wine called I Have VA, […]

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Oregon, not forgotten: A report on the Wines of Oregon Tasting

March 28, 2017

…at One Great George Street. Up the sweep of the grand staircase into the cathedral-like Great Hall, beneath the unfeasibly huge pineal chandelier and underneath the stern gaze of bushy-faced colonial figures that looked as though they might have been the original Jack Daniel’s great grandfathers, a motley crew of Les Cavistes fronted up at […]

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Beware Natural Wines

March 27, 2017

It is a truth universally acknowledged: there is no such thing as natural wine. This is because it is self-evident that nature does not make the wine, but man does. The vine would not grow without being trained and pruned, the grapes would not be picked without the intervention of man and the whole process […]

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Words to the Wine: Part Two

March 24, 2017

More twinkling English dialect words that might invigorate the tedious repetitions and formulations of wine-tasting descriptions. I’m not saying that they are remotely appropriate or that you have to use them, but if you feel like seasoning your prose with some rough-hewn local lingo then feel free to borrow to your heart’s content. Abecedarian – […]

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Chatting with: Christian Tschida

March 23, 2017

Winemaker, farmer, vigneron – how do you see your role? Is there an Austrian word or expression that captures the work that you do? Way more farmer than winemaker. I spend as little time as possible in the cellar – cold and dark – and as much as possible in nature – green and light. […]

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Ganbrukenjouillon at The Remedy! 

March 14, 2017

Jurassic Bottle Bonanza The pleasure of wine is amplified when it is shared with friends and fellow-enthusiasts. A bevy of Jurassic bottles had been gathering considerable quantities of dust (testament to my cleaning incapabilities) on my wine-rack and when I was invited by David Clawson of The Remedy to help with a masterclass meets rare/iconic […]

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Shock News: Les Caves sells Burgundies

March 13, 2017

Ever heard the following exchange? Where are you going today? We’re going to the Les Caves de Pyrene en primeur Burgundy tasting. I hear that they have an amazing range of top end premier and grand cru wines from iconic producers. You haven’t? Then you have been paying attention! With a bunch of rich right-wing […]

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The Eagles have landed…again

March 7, 2017

New Wines!  Kelley Fox Her new wine, Ahurani Pinot Noir, comes from grapes harvested in the biodynamic Momtazi vineyard. We love the label which illustrates the teeming diversity of wild life in this special place. Ahurani is the name of a water goddess who bears gifts of health, prosperity, renown, and well-being of the soul. […]

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